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I hate people generally, but I like people individually.
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Anonymous asked:
my boyfriend & I have a bucket list ''places to fuck' one of them is at school, his 20 & im 18 so today I snuck him in telling the front office he had to pick up some things, we fucked in the girls toilet. Im scared coz I was moaning really loud !!


woooah good luck on ur bucket list

Me and my boyfriend have one of these!
The one I wanna do next is sex on a roof or in a public bathroom.
We are going for a meal tonight for his birthday so I’m hoping to either get the public bathroom one ticked off while we are out, or get the roof one ticked off on our way home. There’s a bingo hall and the roof is really is to climb on top of- we’ve been doing it since we were kids- so maybe if we go that way we can do it.
Just hoping he’s in that kind of mood tonight ;)

Douglas Booth as Harry Villiers in The Riot Club

Rockford, Illinois - Anderson Gardens
Found on flowersandgardens4.blogspot.com
How could I have been so stupid?!?